Auditing the candidate experience

Auditing the candidate experience: Identifying pain points and improving the experience

It’s a no-brainer. You want your candidates to be happy and excited while searching for a job at your company. You want to give them the best possible experience – but it’s not easy. A lot goes into creating a candidate experience, which can make it difficult to figure out problem sources when the process breaks down and leaves candidates frustrated and disengaged.

Phenom People CEO Mahe Bayireddi and VP of Client Success Ed Newman explore the process of auditing your candidate experience to help you diagnose problems, solve issues and create a candidate experience that attracts, engages and converts top talent.

Watch this webinar if you’re considering, about to begin or in the process of auditing your candidate experience. You’ll learn:

  • What encompasses the candidate experience
  • Where common pain points exist in the process
  • How to identify problems at every step of the candidate journey
  • The new standards for candidate experience expectations
  • How Talent Relationship Marketing transforms the candidate experience

Watch the Recorded Webinar

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