Phenom Market customizes your careers presence to your needs.

Conversions and integrations.

We don’t want to replace your current recruiting tools—we want to make them work better for you. Phenom Exchange is the mechanism that allows us to connect the TRM Cloud platform to your existing talent acquisition tools seamlessly.

  • Apply anywhere, anytime.

    Submitting an application is the strongest signal of a candidate’s interest in working for your company. Phenom Exchange Mobile Apply assures candidates can make their intentions known from any location, on any device.

    Mirroring technology.

    Phenom Exchange Mobile Apply relies on mirroring technology to create an optimal user experience for candidates wishing to apply from mobile and tablet devices. Applicant data is then automatically transferred into your applicant-tracking system.

    Formatted to fit any screen.

    Phenom Exchange Mobile Apply uses adaptive design to deliver the application that fits the device in use. It recognizes the device a candidate is using and chooses the application that fits its screen size.

    Apply like you shop.

    Influenced by ecommerce best practices, Phenom Exchange Mobile Apply takes ecommerce best practices and builds them into our application to create a user experience that rivals the online shopping experience.

    Added fields

    Customize the application.

    Want candidates to submit more, less or different application information on mobile devices than desktop? Phenom Exchange Mobile Apply can be ordered and customized based on your requirements.

  • Easy integration.

    Phenom Exchange ATS & API Integration brings the most popular social networks to your career site and ensures applicant data flows uninterrupted.

    Applicant-tracking systems.

    We rework the application process to make it more candidate-friendly, but we still get applicant data where it needs to go. Phenom Exchange ATS & API Integration makes candidates more likely to complete your application while your ATS goes unaffected.

    Some of our existing ATS integrations include: Virtual Edge, Bond Adapt, BrassRing, eRecruit, Hodes IQ, HR Smart, iCims, JobDive, Jobvite, Lawson, PeopleFluent, SilkRoad, SuccessFactors, Taleo, and Ultimate Professional.


    Phenom Exchange ATS & API Integration connects your career site to the people and content your candidates find vital to their decision-making.

  • The best of both worlds.

    Phenom Exchange Social & Cloud Apply gives candidates a wider range of options to apply for your jobs, all the while getting you the information you need to make a proper decision on their candidacy.


    Phenom Exchange Social & Cloud Apply parses the data from a candidates’ social profile or resume and transfers it to the appropriately labeled sections in the ATS application.

    Social apply.

    Many candidates use their LinkedIn profile as a stand-in for a resume. Phenom Exchange Social & Cloud Apply allows candidates to link their social profiles and use the information to submit an application and move into your backend applicant database.

    How it works:

    Candidate clicks “Apply with LinkedIn” button

    Candidate LOGS in with LinkedIn credentials

    Information from LinkedIn profile is transferred to ATS

    Cloud apply.

    With candidates searching and applying for jobs on mobile and tablet devices, they can’t rely on having their resume stored on their device. Phenom Exchange Social & Cloud Apply lets people upload a resume stored in cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

    How it works:

    Candidate chooses their cloud storage service

    Candidate logs in with cloud credentials

    Candidate selects resume document to upload

    Information from resume is transferred to ATS