Case Study: How Crown Holdings increased application conversions by 42%

Crown Holdings had a problem. A leader in the global packaging industry, the company was encountering problems recruiting and hiring people for their open positions. The company hires a mix of employees to work in their corporate offices and manufacturing plants, but identified an issue with their candidate experience that was causing a large percentage of potential applicants to drop out of the process altogether.

Matt Coleman, Crown’s Manager of Talent Acquisition and Development, suspected the issue stemmed from the company’s mobile career presence, which really did not exist. The company had no mobile-optimized career site of which to speak. Another issue? Crown had no way to know how large the problem was. They only had a rough guess of how many applicants the company was losing. In searching for a solution, Coleman and his team at Crown sought two things primarily:
  • A mobile-optimized career site, especially the application process
  • Analytics that could help the company track the ROI of their recruiting advertising and spending
After choosing the Phenom People platform, Crown experienced immediate results from their mobile-optimized candidate experience. With a mobile-optimized career site and application process, the company saw just how many applicants were dropping out of the application process. On the Phenom People platform, half of the applications Crown received were submitted from smartphone and tablet devices. In addition, Crown’s application conversions improved by 42%. The Phenom People platform also helped Crown identify which sources and channels delivered the highest-quality candidates to the Crown career site and how often they were converted into applicants.
“When you’re in a management role and need to decide where you’re going to spend a dollar, you need an accurate way to measure the ROI of your spending.” – Matt Coleman, Manager of Talent Acquisition and Development, Crown Holdings

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