Webinar Recording: “Beyond the Funnel: Advanced Marketing for Recruiters”

Presented by Kara Walsh, CMO at The Muse and Ed Newman, VP of Client at Phenom People


Picture this: you’re hiring for a competitive role, and attracting the right candidates is proving to be a challenge. Sound familiar? Maybe these amazing future employees don’t know who you are yet, or maybe they don’t know why they should work for you, vs your competitor. Either way, it’s frustrating, right?

Your colleagues over in the marketing department get large budgets and new tools to create awareness to bring in new customers. And as a recruiter you’re thinking, wait a second, I have the same goals. So what gives?

Join Ed Newman, VP of Client Services at Phenom People and Kara Walsh, CMO at The Muse as they take on recruiting’s biggest challenges through a marketer’s eyes. You’ll come away with a fresh perspective and new ways to tackle the following:

  • Engaging passive candidates
  • Building a strong employer brand
  • Attracting specialized or niche candidates
  • Enhancing the candidate experience
  • Retaining top employees

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