Phenom TRM benefits organizations at multiple levels by solving each of their unique talent acquisition problems.

  • phenom trm cloud for recruiters

    Bryan unearthed the perfect candidate.

    Bryan is a recruiter. He is often tasked with finding candidates for hard-to-fill and specialist positions. Before Phenom TRM, Bryan had no way to identify the thousands of people visiting his company’s career site every day. The only candidates he was able to individually identify are those that submit a completed application through his company’s career site—none of which are candidates in whom he is interested.



    Phenom Pro Candidate Pipeline allows Bryan to see candidate profiles on every person that’s visited the company’s career site, not just those who have applied. With this access, Bryan is able to find several candidates that fit the requirements on his open positions and proactively reach out to them to gauge their interest.

    The Phenom TRM platform gives recruiters a competitive advantage over their peers. Recruiters like Bryan have more control over their jobs and are able to zero in on their ideal candidates with ease, greatly improving the chances of making a hire. Phenom TRM turns recruiters from reactive to proactive and makes them more productive.

  • phenom trm cloud for hiring managers

    Paula created a more engaging experience.

    As the hiring manager at her company, one of the first things Paula does each morning is look at her company’s career site analytics. She was seeing large amounts of traffic visiting the career site homepage, searching for jobs and viewing individual positions—and yet just a small percentage of those visitors ever submit a completed application.

    Paula was concerned about the low application conversion rates. With the Phenom Hub Career Site, she solved many of the problems leading to those low conversion rates. Candidates were able to apply for jobs on their device of choice, and features like Phenom Hub Personalization, Phenom Hub Smart Job Search and Phenom Hub Dynamic Job Postings engaged candidates to the point of their application decision.



    With Phenom TRM, Paula was able to improve her conversion rates by creating a superior candidate experience. Candidates spent more time on the career site and made more return visits, indicating a higher level of engagement, and therefore increasing the likelihood of an application. Phenom TRM helps hiring managers improve the efficiency, effectiveness and experience of acquiring talent.

  • phenom trm cloud for talent acquisition execs

    Carol knew exactly where to spend her budget.

    Carol is the VP of Talent Acquisition at her company. She controls her department’s budget and is responsible for allocating it towards advertising her company’s open positions and employer brand. In the past, she had spent most of her money advertising open positions on the most popular job boards. This strategy hadn’t proven very effective for finding quality candidates, however.

    Carol wanted a way to see which sources were performing best in terms of driving traffic and applications. That way, she would be able to divvy up her available budget accordingly. Phenom Pro Analytics showed her which traffic sources were the most popular for the visitors to her career site, from job boards to social media to search engines.



    With Phenom TRM, Carol was able to inform her spending with the latest data from her career site. Phenom TRM helped her determine the best places to spend her budget in order to attract the best candidates and generate the best ROI. Phenom TRM helps talent acquisition executives justify their spending and get the best results.