The Talent Relationship Marketing Platform built to attract, identify, and build relationships with the right talent at the right time.

Start with a Stunning Personalized Career Site

Deliver a personalized career site experience with individually tailored 

job recommendations, content, and video.

Meet the Talent Relationship Marketing Platform

The Phenom People TRM Cloud Platform is a complete solution to attract top talent and provide the insight needed to drive better hires.

Simplify Talent Acquisition with
Artificial Intelligence

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences to attract top talent and make recruiters more efficient through automation.

Top Products with Phenomenal Features

Phenom People enables you to attract candidates with a stunning career site accompanied with a full suite of back end products.

Career Site
  • Real-time CRM
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics
  • CMS
  • Internal Mobility
  • How Does Phenom Work?

    The Phenom People TRM Platform combines a personalized career site experience to attract top talent with the tools to make recruiters more efficient and provide talent leaders actionable insights into the recruiting funnel.

    Hiring Managers:
    The Visibility
    They Need

    Improve hiring manager efficiency and effectiveness by giving them access to view their jobs, candidates, candidate status, and provide feedback.

    Focus on Building

    Allow recruiters to focus on building relationships with the right talent by automating profile completion, personalized nurturing, candidate fit and activity ratings.

    Talent Leaders: Track Sources of Hires and ROI

    Give talent acquisition leaders the information they need to optimize their strategy and measure the return-on-investment of their recruiting efforts.

    How Does Your Candidate Experience Stack Up? Request a Free Audit

    This audit is the first step to help you identify areas that need improvement in order to achieve a best-in-class candidate experience.