5 Ways Chatbots Help Recruiters Work Faster, Smarter

Between sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, and nurturing relationships with top talent, a recruiter’s job is never over. The recruiting landscape has changed dramatically over the years, making it more difficult than ever to remain productive. But what if you could get a couple of precious hours back in your day to spend more quality time with your best candidates?

Enter chatbots.

With a chatbot powered by AI, your team is able to work faster and smarter than ever before. Among Phenom customers, 40% of job seekers who have interacted with our chatbot have become leads. Discover how a smart chatbot can help you offload tedious tasks and focus on more strategic relationships:

Chatbot Creative

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Part of the Phenom content team, Monica loves connecting people through stories—especially when they involve the talent journey. She is also passionate about music, her furbaby, and the Oxford comma.


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