The Secret to Boosting Productivity Without Ever Leaving Workday

If you spend a lot of time in Workday Recruiting, it’s likely you’ve thought, “I really want to reach out to this candidate, but I don’t want to lose focus—it’s a pain to jump into another system.”

Well, what if you didn’t have to? What if you could reach out to that candidate right then and there, without toggling between Workday and another platform?

Showing Phenom's Workday Chrome Extension within the program

That’s where we come in. Once again, our integration with Workday makes your job So.Much.Easier...this time, it's with Phenom's Workday Chrome Extension. This extension provides you with a micro-iteration of our entire candidate pipeline tool, so you can nurture your candidates efficiently without ever leaving Workday. Here are the 4 key ways this helps you become more productive:

1. Prioritize candidates with a snapshot of high-level insights

Showing "hot lead" and "21 employee connections" on candidate profile in the extension

As soon as a candidate applies to a job, their information is sent to Workday in real-time (thanks to our bidirectional data integration). The most important insights are highlighted in the extension, including engagement score, number of connections, recent contact history, and more. This allows you to sort through candidates much more efficiently.

Bonus: You can also make simple edits to the candidate’s profile based on what’s in Workday.

2. Communicate with top talent faster

Showing "Email" and "SMS" buttons in the extension

Ready to move to the next step with a candidate? Quickly send an email or SMS message directly from the extension to schedule a brief 30-minute call. Just imagine how many candidates you can now communicate with in less time.

Bonus: Sending an email from the extension is even simpler with an easy-to-use text editor.

3. Pass along interesting candidates to your fellow recruiters

Showing the "Forward" button on the extension

Have you come across the perfect candidate—for another recruiter in your company? Simply forward that candidate’s profile to them in one click. Voilà! No time is wasted sending candidates to their perfect positions.

4. Assign candidates to new job requisitions and lists

Showing the "Assign to new job" dropdown menu on the extension

Stop losing track of interesting candidates. Assign them to new job reqs or lists to keep them on everyone’s mind for another opportunity, including ones that haven’t opened at your organization quite yet.


Going Beyond the Chrome Extension

While there are plenty of ways to interact with candidates via Phenom's Workday Chrome Extension, there will be times when you want to view more information and take additional actions. One click will immediately direct you to a job seeker's profile in Workday, bringing you back to the full platform experience. Easy peasy.


Phenom's Workday Chrome Extension is so easy to get the hang of, and saves you so much why not give it a shot? Request a demo!


Samantha Finken is in content marketing at Phenom People, where she is passionate about helping talent leaders find their best candidates in less time.


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