The Definitive Guide to Talent Relationship Marketing

Learn how to solve the talent rut at every level by creating and implementing a winning talent relationship marketing strategy.
What is inside:

Today's candidates expect companies to provide a candidate experience that is closely aligned with the amazing e-commerce experiences they go through each day. Companies like Amazon.com, Spotify, and Netflix have had a major impact on user experience expectations, raising the bar far beyond what most companies and their existing enterprise software is actually capable of providing.


That's where Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM) comes into play, solving the talent rut for your company.


Candidate experience is the driving force of TRM. However, the experiences, journeys and pain points of your recruiters, hiring manager and talent leaders are just as important to creating a winning Talent Relationship Marketing strategy. The Definitive Guide to TRM is designed to help you do just that by focusing on these five areas:


  • Establishing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • The Talent Relationship Lifecycle
  • Developing Personas for Candidates, Recruiters, Hiring Manager and Talent Leaders
  • Mapping the Candidate, Recruiter, Hiring Manager and Talent Leader Journeys
  • Minimizing and Solving the Talent Rut Through Talent Relationship Marketing